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Who is behind Souks du Monde?

Lise is an avid traveler and collector of precious souvenirs from her journeys around the world. She and her husband’s home is decorated with their finds from markets of the countries that they have visited.

During a trip to Senegal, Lise discovered a market with beautifully hand-woven baskets that were made by women in a small Wolof village. The vendor explained that the Wolof women’s creations have become popular in home decor publications outside of Senegal, thus expanding the exposure of the artisans’ baskets. The popularity of these handmade crafts has empowered the women as they provide their community with life-changing income.

This discovery is what sparked the idea for Souks du Monde. Lise realized the potential behind sharing her finds of unique handmade products from small artisans in sometimes hard-to-reach areas. In turn, these crafters distribute their art with the world beyond their community and create a better future for themselves and their families.

Beyond connecting our artisans to customers through our online store, Souks du Monde has teamed up with coops and organizations within our artisans’ communities. We are avidly helping to fund schools and educational supplies, basic infrastructures, business training to our artisans, and essential medical care. Your purchase enables us to do this, so thank you!