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What's Your Life Like Right Now?

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I have been reminded of previous difficult times in history during which people’s recollections have become invaluable to us in understanding what life was like. Anne Frank and Nelson Mandela’s diaries both come to mind. Looking back on these past weeks and months, what will we have to share?

While your days may be spent solo in an urban apartment, wrangling kiddos and homeschool, or in some other situation, I’m curious what your own life is like right now. I came across these questions on the A Cup of Joe blog earlier this week. Here are Joanna’s questions below if you’d like to answer. My own responses are below.

* Where are you in the world?

* Are you living solo or with other people (and if so, whom)?

* Are you working, or passing the time in other ways?

* What’s hard right now?

* What’s bringing you joy (making, baking, playing, watching, etc.)?

* Ben and I are in Louisiana under self-isolation. We had been traveling in southern California at the beginning of March when things started shutting down. Then, our flight back to Europe was canceled. We decided to make our way to family in anticipation of staying put for an unknown amount of time. 

* We are with my family. 

* I’ve been spending a few hours a day working on Souks du Monde. While my artisans are not working on creating new goods, my boutique is still open as long as delivery services are still shipping! 

I’ve tried to stick to my routine as best I can. Some days are easier than others, and other days I just don’t feel like doing much of anything. I do try to exercise every day, whether it’s doing a zoom pilates class or going out for a walk. I’ve also been taking two classes on Coursera, one of which, The Science of Well-being, has been very timely! 

Since we’re not at our own place, home projects haven’t been on my to-do list. I have been getting inspiration and putting away some ideas!

* The hardest for me has been not knowing how long we’ll be here and what things will look like when we do get back to Europe. We’re lucky to be hunkering down in a place that allows us to get outside, and the weather has been pretty perfect. We are hoping that when we do get back to our life in Europe things will have improved so that we're not stuck indoors (to our friends and family that are having to do this right now, you are superheroes!). 

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the medical workers and other professionals on the front line. My heart goes out to them and to their families as so many people are having to make sacrifices.

* The Science of well-being course has challenged me to find joy in small ways every day. I’ve been trying to do my homework every day in writing down the things I’m grateful for, savoring small experiences, and making social connections.

I’ve also been enjoying cooking and baking. Since I’ve started eating more plant-based foods, I’ve had a fun time learning to cook with new ingredients and flavors. Being in my mom’s giant kitchen has been a treat for me. 

My pilates teacher in Paris has been doing classes via Zoom for the past month. It’s been really great to reconnect and keep up with my practice thousands of miles away.

Being outside for coffee in the morning, work sessions on the porch, and walks in the neighborhood have been a bonus for me. I had gotten used to New York seasons, where winter practically turns into summer, and I have been soaking in the beautiful, flowery Louisiana spring.

We’ve been watching Mrs. Americana, the series with Cate Blanchett on the women’s lib movement in the 70s and the Michael Jordan docuseries. Everyone in the house has been enjoying those. I recently started Little Fires Everywhere and am fighting the urge to binge-watch the whole season. I'm currently reading David Lebovitz's book L'appart about his ex-pat life in Paris and as I'm being reminded of the idiosyncrasies of living in the French capital.


What about you? What does your life look like right now? Where are you finding joy? I hope that wherever you are, you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe. Leave a comment below, or tag me if you share your answers to these questions!


Thanks so much for reading and sharing!



  • Thank you for your timely thoughts!

    Cathy Bienvenu
  • Same here! Trying to limit my Little Fires episodes to one a night so that they will last… and same with Mrs America!


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