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Tips for buying a Moroccan Handwoven Rug (Part 1)

Moroccan rugs are individually handwoven on handlooms by the women of the Berber tribes of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Each tribe has unique colors, weaves, and styles of rugs that they favor. Whereas Beni Ourain rugs are easily recognized, most commonly woven with their neutral colors and diamond-shaped patterns, there are many familiar Berber rugs that are equally as beautiful and well-made. Before you invest in a Moroccan carpet, make sure you keep these things in mind.

Here are some tips for buying your magic Moroccan carpet.

Know your rugs

Beni Ourain rugs are distinguishable by the natural wool color as a background, with geometric shapes like diamonds or dots. The motifs are usually black, but sometimes green, blue, or pink, as well. These rugs have a thick pile and are very soft on your feet. Their neutral colors fit into any style of decor.

There are also Beni Ourain style kilims, which have a flatter weave and might come in blue and gray colors. Other tribes’ kilims might have more motifs and color than the Beni Ourain style, like the Sabra cactus silk kilims and their pillows.

Azilal rugs are very similar to Beni Ourain rugs in that they are usually of a natural wool color background. Azilal rugs often have more patterns and brighter colors than Beni Ourain rugs. Common Azilal patterns are bright and geometric, and many women weavers create a story or weave images that represent womanhood in their tribe, fertility, nature, or family. Like Beni Ourain rugs, Azilal rugs have a thick pile.

While bold red and orange hues are a characteristic of Boujaad rugs, deep indigo colors and shades of purple are common in Beni M’guild rugs. These handwoven pile rugs are often hung out in the sun, which also dulls the bright colors and makes for beautiful pink, sherbet, and pastel colors.

If a trip to Morocco is not in your foreseeable future, but you are interested in investing in a Berber rug, don’t fret! Beyond the rug collections we have on our website, we also love to help you find your perfect rug. Just send us an email with the size, colors, and style of rug you are looking for and we can help you hunt down the perfect rug. Let us know if we can help!

Feel free to reach out by email if you are looking to invest in the perfect Berber rug.

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