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The Best 14 Ways to Style your Moroccan Rug for any Decor

The first comment I hear after explaining that my boutique took off with people's interest in my Moroccan rugs collection is something along the lines of “those rugs are so pretty, but my home style is not really bohemian.” While Berber rugs with their tribal patterns and thick pile have found their way into the most bohemian of homes, they're also the perfect accent in many, many other interiors. Today I've gathered up some of my very favorite home inspirations to show you why Moroccan rugs don't only belong in boho homes. Here are the best ways to incorporate this versatile flooring into your decor. 

Classic and Eccentric Style

1. Keep your flooring neutral and bring color in with a bright sofa.

Former executive creative director and president of J.Crew, Jenna Lyons, incorporates two black and white Beni Ourain rugs into the living room of her SOHO loft. Her pink velvet upholstered modular sofa steals the show, while the neutral flooring grounds the room.

Jenna Lyons SOHO Loft Moroccan rugsImage via T-Magazine

2. Mix it up

Bring in old and new, neutrals with colors. Display a variety of art mediums. All while keeping the cozy factor with a thick-pile vintage wool rug.

3. Accessorize with meaningful pieces

Don’t hide the treasures you’ve picked up while traveling or while shopping at your favorite flea market. Personalize your room with items that have stories behind them--rug included. See the stories behind Moroccan rugs here.

4. Two is always better than one

The unique quality of handmade vintage rugs also means that you can’t always choose the exact size that you need for a room. To maximize the space in Jenna’s livingroom she paired two neutral Beni Ourain rugs. Choosing similar colors with different patterns just adds to the intrigue of the decor. 

jenna lyons soho loft
Image via T-Magazine

See Jenna's entire home for yourself here

Mid-century Modern

5. Neutral and simple

Take a cue from Finish architect Alvar Aalto in the mid-century modern Villa Mairea. Complement natural materials like stone and wood with a neutral Beni Ourain Rug. While these rugs most commonly come in natural wool white with a geometric black or gray pattern, they also come in other neutral tones. See my Beni collection here.

6. Separate open space 

It can be tricky to style a loft or open living space, but placing rugs strategically can delineate a large room. In the Villa Mairea Aalto rugs separate the sitting area around the fireplace from the landing, and another seating space farther back is also distinctly divided.

Images via Visit Alvar Aalto

Airy and Cozy

7. Business on the top, party on the floor

Take a hint from Sara Toufali and bring the color to the floor, as she did here with this fabulous warm ombré rug. Keep your furniture neutral so your fifth wall doesn’t steal the show. 

8. Get Green

Plants are as essential to your interiors as your paint and furniture. Turn up the cozy factor by pairing up a fabulously soft rug with lots of greenery. 

sara taroufi living room moroccan rugsara tafouli living room moroccan rug
Images via Sara Toufali

Bright and Colorful

9. Serve up some color--the more the better

Kelly of Studio Diy embraces color in a big way. Just look at her son’s rainbow nursery, outfitted with a fabulous white and neon Azilal rug or her fantastic home office bringing in the hues. Go take a look at Kelly’s whole home, for more Moroccan rug goodness in just about every room.

studiodiy rainbow nurserystudiodiy home officeStudioDiy home colorful
Images via Studio DIY

Image via Oh Joy!

Scandinavian style 

10. One with the Earth

The Copenhague home of Johanne & Lukas shows off the best Danish home style, with its clean simple lines and earthy finishes. They bring in a bold black Boucherouite accent rug to ground the space and add some texture. See my Boucherouite collection here.

Image via @femte.til.venstre

Bold and beautiful

11. Out-of-the-ordinary places in your home

Who says rugs only belong in your living room? Introduce an element of surprise with a fun flooring in your kitchen or bathroom. Ari Danielson decked out her bold kitchen with a vintage Boujad rug from Souks du Monde.

Arianna Danielson kitchenarianna danielson kitchen boldImages via Arianna Danielson

Molly swapped out her three bathmats with this fabulous Boujad runner in her bathroom remodel. 

almost makes perfect bathroomImage via Almost Makes Perfect

Studio Diy bathroom
Image via Studio DIY

Beach vibes

12. Light and bright 
A beachy meets Scandi vibe can be achieved with lots of white linen with a luxuriously comfy Beni Ourain rug, like in the Spanish villa-style home of Janni Olsson Delér.

Janni Olsson Delér homeJanni Olsson Delér homeImages via Zoco Home

California Chic

13. Up off the floor

Traditionally, rugs were made to warm up nomad tents not only on the floor but also on the bed and on the walls. Do as the Berber tribes do and pick your rug up off the floor. Sharlene Kayne styles her rugs at the foot of her bed on an all-white backdrop. Colorful Boucherouite and Boujad rugs have just the colors you need.

Sharlene Kayne home bedroom moroccan rugSharlene Kayne bedroom moroccan rug
Images via 
Sharlene Kayne

Scandi Style

14. Keep it white

In her Scandinavian inspired home, Gemma van der Swaagh keeps it white from her furniture to her Beni M’rirt rug. See my Beni M'rirt Collection here

Gemma van der Swaagh
Image via Gemma Van Der Swaagh


Choosing a rug is an important investment, and with so many varieties and styles, it can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! You can read here and here about my tips for picking out the perfect Moroccan rug for you.

Which home-style speaks most to you? Are you more drawn to classics and neutrals, or does color liven up your interiors? Let me know in the comments!

Many thanks for reading and sharing!


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