How to Stuff your Moroccan Pouf

In our efforts to be more friendly to the planet, Souks du Monde will mail your Natural Leather Pouf un-stuffed. But don’t fret, stuffing your pouf is very simple, and as storage, it can end up freeing up some space in your home!

Moroccan poufs had originally been stuffed with camel hair, straw, or unused wool. Given the difficulty you might have in finding these materials, we’ve come up with some easy alternatives: 1) your non-seasonal clothing (use your winter coat to stuff your pouf during the summer month, or your summer tank-tops during the winter months) or old clothing, 2) plastic grocery bags (who has place to stores them anyway?), 3) crumpled-up newspaper and magazines or gift wrap, 4) or even towels, sheets, and linens (that may free up some space in your closet!).

Once you’ve gathered your filling, here’s how to stuff your pouf:

  1. Ensure that your filling is clean and dry.
  2. Take your pouf out from its packaging. Unfold and unzip it. Open it up. Don’t worry about any folds or creases. Once your pouf is stuffed the leather will smooth out and stretch.
  3. If you would like to have a flat surface at the top of your pouf, you can place a folded towel or sheet down first. Otherwise, you can just start stuffing. Begin by filling in the edges of your pouf.
  4. Keep stuffing your pouf, trying to make sure that you are filling it in evenly.
  5. When you cannot fill your pouf anymore, zip it up. Flip it over and roll it around to even it out.
  6. Enjoy your pouf as an ottoman, a footrest, or with a tray on top as a side table.

Take a look at how easy it is! 

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