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13 Ideas You Can Steal from My Guest Tina From Eclectic Twist

Interview with the Lovely and Creative Tina Bousu of Eclectic Twist


Tina Bousu
Today I’ve got the lady behind those birdseye shots of her colorful, ever-changing living room, the best vintage shopper I know of, the queen of One Room Challenge makeovers, and exceptional joker, Tina Bousu of Eclectic Twist. I’ve been wanting to get her on the blog for a while now! Today I’m asking her all about her home projects, how she manages to do all she does between her blog and business from home, all while being mom-extraordinaire and homeschool teacher to three of her four kiddos.


Hi, Tina! Thanks so much for agreeing to do this. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started Eclectic Twist?

Hey girlie, thank you for having me!  I have been interested in decor/design since our early married days in a cinder block wall apartment. A few years later I was a stay at home mom that found an intense passion for DIY and decor. I eventually built up enough courage to start a blog. After that, I started on Instagram as a way to get the blog out there.  

Tina eclectic twist living room rugs layout

I first came across your Instagram account a few years ago after seeing your post that went viral of that shot of your living room from above. When you first started your blog and created your Instagram account, did you envision it turning into what it is today?

Most definitely not, in the best way! I had no idea there were other people that were as creatively invested in their homes like I was. I never suspected it would become this incredible connection to the world. Meeting other people both that share my passions as well as being inspired by my crazy ideas has been a big life-changer for me. 

tina eclectic twist living room eclectictwist.Comtina eclectic twist bedroom

You describe yourself as “an explosion of color love, no rules and no holds barred risk-taker who thrives on a challenge.” What’s been your biggest home decor challenge that you’re most proud of that best expresses your color love and risk-taking?

Ok, that is a tough question but a great question! I have to say the kitchen. It was my first really big renovation project and as such my biggest challenge. From a full redesign & tear out to the studs, sourcing every material and general contracting the whole thing. I played it safe initially with some of my choices and I always regretted it. But when I did the makeover, it really brought it all home. It is/was full of risky selections like the faux greenery island and a bold mural on the ceiling but it just felt right. I think people either love it or hate it, but it’s so me.

If you haven’t already, check out Tina’s complete kitchen renovation that she did herself for the One Room Challenge: here


tina bousu kitchen one room challenge ORC eclectic twist ceiling muraltina one room challenge kitchen ORC la cornue stove oven tina eclectic twist kitchen one room challenge ORC

Here are her other One Room Challenge projects, including the "Club," AKA her Basement Family Room, her absolutely inspiring home office on a budget, and wonderland office space/home classroom. Tina explains everything step-by-step from the concept and mood boards, to realizing every DIY involved in the recreation, to how and where she finds everything for the new space. She's currently working on a bathroom reno, for which she's taking us behind the scenes in her Instagram Stories. 

tina bousu family room basement club one room challenge eclectic twist

If you’re not familiar, The One Room Challenge happens twice a year, during which twenty design influences take the challenge to recreate a space. Here are the past ORC participants.

Some of my favorite posts of yours that I've found to be incredibly useful are about your tips to layering rugs, finding the perfect coffee table, and your family room looks   A common theme throughout your posts and your Instagram photos seems to be moving things around and re-purposing. You find a way to re-work the furniture, rugs, and accessories that you already have to come up with a totally new look. Can you tell us a little bit about your room re-organizing process? 

Yes! That is definitely my favorite way to change things up. It’s free, (holla!) and it challenges me to see things in a different way. I think so many of us get used to seeing things as we have them that we kind of forget that it could look/function differently. That and I get bored quickly haha. I like to see what I can come up with that just involves some muscles and a couple of hours. I LOVE a challenge. 

As a side note, I’m constantly impressed by Tina’s re-arranging, especially when it comes to rugs. It’s easy enough to move a coffee table or lamp, but you’ve got to be really committed to moving all of the furniture in a room to rotate its rug. It's really inspiring to see how easily she changes a space in her home based on the needs of her family and the functionality of the space. Check out some of the recreations of her living room. 

tina bousu eclectic twist living room sectional vintageliving room eclectic twist tina bousu rug layeringeclectictwist living room rug layering sectionaltina bousu eclectic twist living room layout rugs tina bousu living room rug layering

I’m a big fan of mixing styles, matching old vintage finds with newer, modern pieces, and bringing in hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces. From what you share of your home, it looks like you do too. While you are a self-proclaimed risk-taker who doesn’t follow the rules, what do you look for when you bring something into your home?

I have to love it.  If I don’t love it or get excited about it, it’s a no go. Next on the list is whether I can use it in multiple locations in the house. Since I know I like to change things up regularly (according to my husband roughly every 45 days) I like to consider that as well. Unless it’s for a specific purpose, but I always consider the flexibility of a piece. 

Hands down, Tina finds the most incredible thrifted items. Here are some of her latest finds. I cannot get over that second-hand hot pink couch.

pink couch tina eclectic twisttina eclectic twist bedroom ceiling mural

You’ve got two of my very favorite Moroccan rugs from my shop that seem to have made their way all-around your home. What were you looking for when you chose these vintage rugs? Why do they work for the home you’ve created? 

Color, style, and quality are at the very tippy-top of my rug selections.  I like to choose rugs that make me feel happy. And as I change things in the house there is a constant of certain colors. I know what colors complement those and opt for rugs accordingly. It makes it super easy to rotate!

I love supporting small, women-run businesses with an original idea or product. I also love adding interest to our home through hand-made objects with a story behind them. Souks du Monde checked all those boxes for me. I appreciate the fact that you’ve made direct connections with the artisans that you work with and bring about awareness of the traditions and stories behind the products in your shop. I think it’s also important to keep in mind the huge impact on these artisans’ lives that’s opened their reach beyond the local markets that they sell their products in.

home office anthropologie wall mural tina eclectic twist

tina bousu eclectic twist bedroom

Although every rug in my shop is unique and one-of-a-kind, you can find some similar styles and versions of Tina's rugs in my Moroccan rugs collections here, here, and here.

I’ll note that moms and dads that are new homeschool teachers should check out your posts about homeschooling, including “How I get my kids to how you get them to focus when homeschooling. Between working at home, your home projects and change-ups, and homeschooling three of your four kids, how do you do it all and keep your sanity?

I’m not sure I’ve kept it honestly haha, but I have to give huge credit to my husband.  He stepped up to help out with homeschooling and has been a 50/50 teacher, This has really made a big difference in helping me to balance everything.  I also like to involve the kids in some of the home projects teaching them to use creativity and the value of DIY. I want them to grow up learning that you put in the work to achieve whatever you imagine and the reward of seeing it come together. 

moroccan berber rug purpleAll photos belong to Eclectic Twist

I really enjoyed seeing your Instagram stories about what your kiddos did with their outdoor playground! Good thing you've got some extra paint cans kicking around! You've also got The Shoppe at Eclectic Twist with hand-selected vintage and hand-made goods. I'll drop the link to shop here. Is there anything we’ve missed that you’d like to mention?

 Nope!  This is amazing, thank you, lady!!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat! Enjoy the extra family time!


If you're not already, go follow Tina's Instagram @eclectictwist for the latest on her ORC projects, her constant rearranging, gorgeous home inspo, and stay for the jokes. Her blog is a wealth of information if you are sticking your toes or diving right into all that is home renovations and DIY. It's always fun to see what she is up to. I am beyond grateful that she agreed to come over and chat today!

Has Tina motivated you to switch things up in your home? Let me know in the comments which one of Tina's rooms inspires you the most! I hope that you have had a good week and are still staying safe at home.

Many thanks for reading and sharing!


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