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HOME | Why Home Projects are the Secret Ingredient

Last week I shared some tips and tricks for staying productive while working from home here. I mentioned (and I really do think this is true) that the silver lining behind this pandemic is the fact that so many of us are now working remotely. Cutting the commute out of our day and having a more flexible schedule with a new environment to work in might just be making our lives a little less stressful. Many of us are also able to free up some extra time exploring a new passion, making time for old hobbies, or simply finishing up an interior project.  

This new normal may, in fact, be a well-needed reset on many fronts. Given that we are now spending more time inside allows us to reevaluate how well our homes are working for our needs. Maybe a formal living room is not as important to you and your family as a well-designed playroom or exercise space. Or perhaps the home office needs to be in a quieter space farther away from the hullabaloo of the backyard jungle gym or rowdy neighbors. Or maybe reorganizing the kitchen would make it more enjoyable to spend time cooking. 

Today I’m sharing the best things that are happening in home decor projects during Covid-19. Hopefully, you can get some inspiration to recreate a corner or room of your abode, bring back some organization to an overlooked space in your house, or simply brighten up your day. 

1. Home Bar Updates

First thing’s first. Since social distancing has us skipping happy hour at the bar, now might be the perfect time to redecorate your own home bar or bar cart. Jonathan Adler talks with Hadley Keller at House Beautiful about going beyond creating storage for booze and letting your own personality spill out. Read more about his take here. I’m especially fond of Ari Danielson’s home bar, with her anatomically-correct David fruit holder by Sindstudio and vintage glasses.

arianna danielson home barhome bar cart vintagePhotos by Arianna Danielson

Kelli Collins (@mango_manor) also has an amazing set up with her pool-side tiki hut transformed from a vintage tuk-tuk truck. While you’re at it, stir and shake up some French-inspired drinks and cocktails from David Lebovitz’s kitchen in Paris. His new book Drinking French just released, but he also shared some of his favorite recipes on his blog.

home bar tiki bar tuk tuk rikshaw
Photos by Kelli Collins

2. Spread some holiday cheer

Some people are resorting to spreading some cheer by putting up Christmas lights and decorations. The holidays are, after all, the one time of year when families are all home together for a longer period of time without work or school getting in the way. Read about it here

3. Create a gallery wall
Hang some art or photos with the help of Framebridge and their 25% off discount with code
MARCH25. My Domain has shared some tips and tricks on how to create your own gallery wall here. Here are some of my favorite gallery walls to inspire you.

jack rose restaurant gallery wall
Jack Rose Restaurant, New Orleans

Jill White design gallery wall

Jill White Designs

sharlene kayne gallery wall

Sharlene Kayne 

 4. Grow a garden

Instead of worrying about hoarding fresh fruits and vegetables, why not plant your own garden in an outdoor space, or in potted plants by the window sill. Gardening is the perfect activity to clear your mind, and with the uncertainty of isolation, it can be a rewarding practice in positivity to watch something sprout and grow, not to mention cooking up something with your home-harvested fruits, veggies, and herbs. Now’s the time of year to get your tomatoes or peppers seeded before the weather gets too warm. Here’s more information about getting started today. 

And here are 15 projects you can do all while self-distancing if you’ve really found your green thumb. There’s something in here even for those of us whose outdoor space is at a premium. 

home garden seeds sprouts

5. A place for everything and everything in its place

Getting organized or decluttering has been trending as of late with Marie Kondo, but if you’re in a small space or even a studio apartment, here are some key tips via the New York Times to keeping your place tidy by having a space for everything. 

This tiny apartment makes good use of every square inch with tons of storage. It's also beautiful!

small new york apartment decor
Photo by Erin Derby for Apartment Therapy

6. Create a practical and pretty workspace

If your job has relocated you to your home, take a moment to think about where you work. I wrote about my tips for setting up your remote workspace last week, including keeping it out of your bed. Michelle Higgins has some practical ideas for how to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing office that just might turn into your favorite room of the house.  

7. DIYs

Here are some easy DIYs to reinvigorate each of your rooms if one, in particular, has you down. Take a peek to find decor and organizational projects at any budget.

8. Ikea inspiration

The folks at PoppyTalk have put together their best inspirations from the designers at Ikea for a home quarantine redecoration. This one is for those of you getting bored of the same old same old but don’t want to spend too much time on DIY. I’m especially fond of their tips on blending old and new. I love that they wrote this thinking about spring and summer decor updates. 

9. Stay busy

If you’re short on at inspiration while in the age of self-isolation, House Beautiful has launched a daily series called Home Love to help make your time while social distancing more productive. You can find the series here. There are some great tips in there if your house has turned into a homeschool. 

10. Hire it out

Working with an interior designer to rework a space may seem like an insurmountable task in the time of self-distancing; however, many decorators are used to working on projects virtually. Now could actually be the best time to start for those of you who have been thinking about renewing a room or area of your house.

lovely locale interior designer

lovely locale interior designer brookline
The Lovely Locale - Sarah Burgess

While some big-name brands are expanding their e-shops to include interior design services, I’d strongly encourage supporting small-businesses who really appreciate the extra love right now. Sarah Burgess, interior designer and owner of The Lovely Locale offers e-design services for her clients worldwide on residential and commercial projects. During online meetings, Sarah explores the space with her clients and gets a complete understanding of the needs and spirit of the space. 3-D renderings and mood boards are created, and the transformation happens remotely with Sarah managing the installation and styling remotely. 

lovely locale sarah burgess interior designerThe Lovely Locale - Sarah Burgess

What home projects are you working on right now? Have you found any inspiration online that’s helping you through it? Do tell! Share away in the comments section!

I hope that you and your family are staying home and well. I hope that you are finding a way to spread positive energy and keep stress at bay. I hope you remember to keep creating in whatever way feels best to you right now.

With so much love,

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