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Given our current situation, last week I shared fifteen ideas for things to do at home (you can read it here) while self-isolating. As we head into our second month of quarantine, I'm sharing seventeen more activities to keep busy and productive while at home. Let's get into it! Here's part two of my Quarantine Bucket List

1. Get more sleep

I'm all for self-improvement while self-distancing from home, and that's why getting more sleep is my number one activity. Sleep in and take a nap or two, all in the name of keeping your immune system healthy. If you need a justification to make yourself feel better about getting extra sleep, here are all the reasons the Sleep Foundation gives for keeping yourself in tip-top shape for fighting viruses.

dazeyden bedroom yellow bright bohemian
Photo by Dazey Den

2. Go back to school

Coursera offers free university-level classes from a wide array of schools around the world. If you've always wanted to take an ivy league course, here's your chance!

3. Learn or practice a language 

I’ve gotten back into my Spanish classes since the quarantine started. I found myself a highly-energetic tutor who has lots of commonalities with me, and we have been getting in 1-2 sessions every week. There are so many platforms and apps to start learning a new language, including the well-known Duolingo App and the Duolingo podcasts in French and Spanish, which I really like.   

As a language teacher myself, I’d advocate for finding someone to talk to as soon as you get some common words and phrases under your belt. I found my tutor on Preply. I was able to see where she's from, her availability and price per hour, and I spoke with a few teachers before choosing the one I settled on. Everything from payment to the classes takes place on the easy-to-use platform.

Here are seven additional language-learning secrets from the TED blog

sevilla plaza d'espanaPlaza de Espana, Sevilla

Alhambra Granada Spain
Alhambra, Grenada, Spain

4. Practice or learn how to meditate

I’m a fan of the Buddhify app and the Calm app for guided meditations. Both of these come at a price, but Calm is free for teachers and students. 

5. Register to vote/make sure you’re registered

Go here to register to vote and check the status of your registration. Go ahead and forward that link on to everyone in your address book.

6. Volunteer to text or phone bank for your candidate of choice

Head over to their website and look for the button to click to volunteer. After a short webinar, you’ll be connecting with potential supporters and doing your part to get the word out about the candidate you support.

7. Paint a room in your house

Use this tool to visualize the color virtually before you get to work. I talked about other home projects on my blog post here if you're looking for some interior inspiration. You can also check out my interview with my friend Tina to get some ideas in her colorful home.

Photo by Tina, Eclectic Twist

8. Clean out or organize an area of your life 

I am in desperate need of reorganizing my phone. I’ve got over 14,000 photos on my iPhone that need to be saved elsewhere, and my inbox is dying for a cleanup. This is a great place to get started if you're in the same boat.

For your home, HGTV breaks down all the ways you can tackle organizing the rooms in your home, step-by-step

9. Avoid getting fat from eating comfort food

This bucket list item seems to be on the mind of just about everyone I surveyed, along with staying fit. As one of my friends put it, “In college, I was worried about the freshman 15, now I’m worried about the COVID-19.” See last week's post for some resources to keep fit and cook healthy, nourishing foods.

Porto Eclaires
Leitaria da Quinta do Paço, Porto, Portugal

10. Practice gratitude

Get in the habit of sharing with someone (over dinner, during cocktail hour Zoom sessions) or writing down two or three things you're grateful for each day. There's no better time than now to think about and appreciate all those little things we used to take for granted! Today I’m grateful for the sun that's shining, and Zoom for letting me catch up with friends I haven’t seen in too long. How about you?

11. Stop watching so much news

If you’re not convinced, here are all the reasons why quitting the news makes you smarter. 

12. Learn to knit or bead

See getting artsy in my Quarantine Bucket List part 1. Here’s a good place to start knitting with some beginner tutorials.

And here’s a great blog for beading and jewelry making.

ngorongoro crater masai tanzaniaNgorongoro Crater Masai Conservation Area, Tanzania
dakar senegal beaded necklaces marche hlm
Marché HLM, Dakar, Senegal

13. Hike or get out in nature

I've used the Alltrails app while we're traveling to learn about hiking trails and city routes. The Alltrails app has plans with maps made by locals for just about any location, even around the city for you urban dwellers.

14. Learn to drive a stick shift

This one is on my bucket list so I can give Ben a break on our future road trips. I just need to find a car to practice with! Check out my post about my favorite road trips here.

15. Start a book club

I love the idea of starting a virtual book club with a group of friends. Here and here are some lists that some very well-read people have put together to get you started.

Go through your stack of unread books

I’ve been giving myself a goal of two books a month and am making some progress on my Kindle’s library! Or, if books on tape are your thing, check out all the free books Audible has (mostly for kids, but also a good selection for adults). 

17. Travel from home

If traveling is on your mind, take a trip at home. Travel virtually to India by having a curry night, doing some yoga, dancing to Bollywood music and watching The Life of Pi or The Darjeeling Limited. Or imagine yourself in Italy while watching The Talented Mr. Ripley and The Godfather, while sipping Chianti, eating some homemade pizza or pasta and gelato, and learning a few words in Italian. 

Dar Poeta Restaurant, Rome

Turin, Italy

I'm hoping I can check a few of these off the list so that when I look back on these months during COVID-19 quarantine I can be proud of how I've spent my time. That being said, you don't have to be productive. These are unsettling times, and sometimes the best thing you can do is to give yourself a break.

I would love to hear how you have been spending your time at home during the past few weeks. Have you made yourself a Quarantine Bucket List? What's on your list?

Thank you so much for reading and sharing!


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